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#It's Friday!

So, I've decided that writing a blog is fun. Not sure if anyone is reading it and to be honest, I'm not really that bothered. It's a sharing thing, it lets the outside world (well the ones that can be bothered to click and read) see what we are up to. Let's face it is good to share and take a fresh look at some stuff that maybe you haven’t heard or seen before. Ahh.... that feels better already.

So, what are we on with at the Eclectic Trading Company?... I hear you say. Well loads so let's share... the antiques business is a massive ever changing and evolving business that is always fluid and will always give us great products and exciting finds. Over the past weeks we have been carefully gathering stock to fill our shelves. Listening to what clients like and buying cool stuff!

In the list of really cool stuff we have gathered is.... #ParkerKnoll , #Hansolsen , #Calligaris , #Ercol , #Churchpew , #Singersewing and loads more. Coming up in the near future great fabrics, #retrochairs , and more #coolvintage... Take care, keep reading and see you soon.

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