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#It's been a while....!

cane, cane back, armchair, hand carved, hand made, velvet seat, sprung seating, fireside chair, worldwide shipping, antique chair, patina, eclectic interiors
1890's Cane Back Armchair with Green Velvet Seatpad

So how have you all been?

It's been a while I know but I've just been really busy, not a great excuse but it's the truth. We all get involved in work, family, holidays & building a business and time just flies by, all of a sudden, we are in May!

#Eclectictradingcompany has been expanding which has been challenging, exciting and allowed the team to buy different stock for new clients. We now have two shops that clients can view some of the online range of pieces, this enables customers who wish to view our cool stuff in person that opportunity. In addition, we are also relocating the workshop as we need more space! Fantastic times....

New stock is rolling in so we can attract more new clients. We are looking to expand our range of goods to include soft furnishings, fabric choices and restoration pieces. Demand from abroad is growing with approximately 50% of our items now leaving the UK shores.

Still the ethos of The Eclectic Trading Company is to seek out #sustainable items and run a truly ethical business. The team loves finding those #cool items that can be cleaned, restored, fixed, polished and sent out to enjoy another 100 years of use. Coming in this week are the following items that you should check out if you have time from all the busy stuff!!

Take care, see you all soon.........

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