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#Wood is good.....

Well wood is good! I’m not talking about the flatpack, multi fibre board, chip board, last for a week and fall to bits type of wood. I’m talking about real wood, wood that’s been around for a while, its great! Antique wood is made to last from a time when manufacturers took care in what they made, they took their time, they used proper wood, they knew what they were doing, and they did it well! How do we know, well it’s still here in #chairs, #tables, #stool, #bookcases etc.

I’m glad because here at #Eclectictradingcompany we see these great products every day. We polish, restore, clean and pass these great #antiques and #vintage to new customers creating a sustainable business and bringing happiness to our clients. Rant over, new in this week we have more #parkerknoll , #campaignchairs , #monksbench and #victorianchairs . Busy, busy week with new stock due in each day... wow I love this #antiquebusiness . Catch you all soon.. Jim

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