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Well, that's January done - time for an update!

It's 2020 and hopefully we all made it through the festive period with only a minor hangover, slightly dented credit card and the last few random pine needles from the long departed Christmas tree. Can't believe that we are at the end of January, were did that month go?

So, we sit here on the 31st January, staring into the future, wondering what if any difference the long awaited #Brexit will make to the UK!? Well for us at The Eclectic Trading Company absolutely none. Business as usual and a cracking start to the year we have had already.

2020 is going to be a great year because we are making it happen. Best way to generate interest is to have some really cool stock, so we have bought loads. I mean hundreds of new items to start the year with a bang.

#Parkerknoll has an iconic look and we have some stunning pieces in stock, all recovered and ready to ship to your home. #Blondeercol is just the best and we have so much in stock we can fill several houses. We have restocked on #lighting , #interiordesign , #gplan , #midcentury, #fabricbytheroll and #vintagefurniture .

We have a dedicated team of restorers, french polishers,upholsterers and even our own door to door delivery service. Shipping abroad is better than ever as we have established partners and we are looking to beat our furthest shipment of last year ....#Tasmanina

It's an exciting time as the business grows at a fantastic rate. The online sector is growing at an phenomenal rate which is fantastic when I look back at were we started! The shop in #Burscough , #Lancashire is bucking the UK retail high street trend by growing in footfall trade whilst providing a different atmosphere from the majority of dusty antiques shops.

Now then that's you guys up to date. I wish you all wealth, health and happiness in 2020 and we will be in touch soon...... Brexit what Brexit.


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