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#Vintage baby....

So, it's halfway through another week, it just goes so fast! By now you are probably bored with the day to day and decided to flick through Mr Google in the vain hope of finding something really cool to buy. Holidays, cars, a thing for your cat that neither you or he wants but hey to relieve the boredom, buy it anyway! Or, take a gander at the cool stuff the #eclectictradingcompany is selling these days. I know it’s a shameless plug for our business but it is really cool stuff!

Leading the march at the moment is definitely the #vintage and #midcentury stock. Customers just love it. How do we know because we ship the items out daily...... Take a quick look, you just don’t get furniture like this anymore because they don’t make it! You can buy stuff that will last 6 seconds or 6 meters whatever comes first but this stuff is circa 50 years old and it’s still blooming fantastic!

Stock items are sent to #america , #australia , #canada , #europe , #asia , #southamerica to name but a few and that’s in addition to the whole of the UK. We love these items and a few shown above from #pieff , #ercol , #parkerknoll , #hansolsen are just stunning.....So, if that thing you bought for the cat isn’t sorting the mid-week blues why don’t you take a look at the #eclectictradingcompany were really cool stuff is waiting....

Stay safe, keep smiling and don’t let #brexit get you down.....

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