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#Retro.......Sixty's and Seventy's baby

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1960's Original Design English Armchair in Vinyl

Hey, back again and this time it's with a great looking, very retro, original, super cool set of #1960s red vinyl chairs. I know it's over the top and I know it's from a bygone era but let's face it is very cool. In fabulous condition, this chair is so comfy and will be the best chair to sit in and watch your favourite movie.

If you’re a business then this is the seat you want in your #reception, #studio , #photographicstudio , #hairdressing salon, #interiordesign practice because anyone who sees it will remember the chairs and will want to sit in them again.....

Break out your #flares, #bigcollars and #platformheels its retro baby....

Catch you all soon.....

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