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It's all about the label!

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Tad-San 1931 Engineers Chair

Some say it's all about the label! In antiques and vintage it really is all #aboutthelabel . Let's face it keeping a label from something you bought last week is rare. Finding a bespoke chair by #industrial chair makers #Tansad with the original shipping label is an absolutely fantastic find! We have this great chair in stock but not for long I suspect. The chair is in original condition and the label is tied with the original string and details maker, shipping address, cost of carriage and model. Customer was the English ordnance depot in Salop.

A great piece of history and another great find from #eclectictradingcompany. Thanks for reading and see you all soon. #tansad , #industrialchair, #vinatgechair , #antiquechair.

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1 Comment

Gabriel Frost
Gabriel Frost
Sep 19, 2021

This wass great to read

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