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It's a new year, it's a new day and we are feeling good!

Happy new year to one and all and we hope you all had a good one. So 2019 is here and so far, so good......strong start to the year as our customers loved our pre Christmas stock and loads went out this week as a result ...job done. #Eclectictradingcompany is looking to grow our customer base this year with new stock already coming in the door. So far we have stunning #parkerknollchairs , #iconicdesign, #cinemaseating from the 1940s and some of our old favourites #singerstools . Last year our customers highlighted certain products and trends that we followed looking at textures, fabrics, design and specific eras such as #artdeco this helped us grow as a company and proved that listening to your clients is paramount to a #successfulbusiness. So, thanks again and we hope to hear from you throughout the year. I'm off now to source stock, restore items and enjoy the world of #antiquesandvintage.

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