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It's a new day, it's a new dawn and I'm feeling good!

So it has been a while. You’re probably asking why? Well, if you’re sitting comfortably I'll begin.

As you are probably aware we started as an online business sourcing all the really cool stuff, looking for #vintage , #antique , #retro and #midcentury. All good except for our location. We were, you could say a bit remote... imagine the most deserted place you have ever been, well it was exactly like that but worse! To start with this wasn't really a problem, it was quiet restful but after 6 months I had named a football Wilson and was starting to sing along to #Steps #Tragedy.

Enough is enough. We relocated to a small village in #Lancashire called #Burscough and launched #ETC@TheLoft. A generous sized shop in a great location next to the canal. Still all the same cool stuff, in fact a lot more great items but in warm light shop environment where customers can drop in for a coffee and a browse. We are still very much an online business shipping to #China, #Europe ( yes even with #Brexit) #America, #Australia in fact everywhere on planet earth #worldwideshipping.

So, that's you up to date, new location, new shop, new stock. So, what's happening moving forward I hear you ask... well. Our stock on the website is looking to double before #Christmas, we are going to be running promotions and offering discounts to regular customers so please sign up to the website. We are starting our YouTube channel shortly showing new products, history of iconic designs, #repairs, #restorations and showcasing some of our items. We are on Instagram @eclectictradingcompanyuk and Facebook so please follow us there for flash sales.

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1960's Greaves and Thomas Armchair

Coming very soon, #parkerknoll, #victorianfurniture, and #midcentury items you can’t afford to miss. I know it's been a while but sometimes you just need to sit down turn off the world and think what do I really want to do?

Blogs will be coming thick and fast so stay tuned, stay safe and keep in touch...


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