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If in Ercol

Ercol was founded in 1920 by a young Italian, Lucian Ercolani, whose simple goal was to make furniture that was well designed and made in a good working environment by craftsmen who really took pride in their jobs.

Wow... from that simple ethos all those years ago we now have some of the most iconic and beautiful furniture on the market. The Eclectic Trading Company loves #Ercol , and we sell loads all over the world. Recently we have shipped stunning Ercol furniture to #Japan, #Dubai, #Australia, #America and of course all over the #UnitedKingdom.

The great thing about Ercol is the build quality, the #vintage and #midcentury items we sell are as good as the day they were made. OK, so the odd item comes in needing a fresh coat of varnish, so off to the french polisher it trots and it's back looking stunning. Why buy new? Ercol is as good today as it was back in the 1920's so let's be #sustainable and buy vintage!

Check out our #Ercol in stock currently, for lovely items at great prices ready for your home in Spring.

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