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Find,restore,release & repeat...

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Victorian Painted Chest of Drawers with stunning patina

I know it looks great doesn't it!?

It's inspirational when we find & restore a lovely piece of original furniture. I think that is what the antiques and vintage business is really about. We don't do new, we don't do plastic and we don't use straws! Every item #eclectictradingcompanyuk touches is lets face it.... really old! In addition the team are making a concious effort everyday to reduce wastage, recycle, reduce our journeys for stock and deliveries and now cycle to work. Small things that help make big changes.

This stunning Victorian chest of drawers has its original paint, is hand made and has a patina you just can't create. It takes years of use to build up to the finished item we see now. It's unique, it's rare and it's a product that's sustainable and didn't cost the earth!

So next time you are thinking of buying something new, take a moment...... have a think!

Take care....

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