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#Ercol... a true design classic

Is it me or do you think that the mid-century furniture from manufacturers such as #Ercol, #GPlan, #ParkerKnoll & #Schreiber are just way better and sub-zero on the cool scale? They are by definition, true design classics and even after all these years, remain, ever popular. Modern designs try to copy them and use terms like #Ercol style, which let’s face it is just another way of saying cheap rubbish imitation! If you want the best, then you pays your money and takes your choice.

Rant over...its Sunday for goodness sake. If you have a few minutes check out our #midcentury furniture and accessories they are cool, they are funky and they can’t be copied! Have a safe and restful week and see you all soon...... signing out to track down my flared trousers and platform shoes....#eclectictradingcompany

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